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John Paul, AAA Northeast’s Motor vehicle Medical professional, responses a issue from a reader anxious about a burning odor.

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Q. I have a 2013 Fiat and I dwell on top of a steep mountain. Since I moved up there in November, I detect a burning odor when I get out of the automobile. I really don’t odor it when I generate to other areas. When I try out to generate very slowly up the mountain there is fewer burning smell. The vehicle gauge by no means shows that it overheats. I had the automobile checked out and they could not locate just about anything wrong. Do you have any suggestions? 

A. There are two prevalent parts that trigger a burning odor – brakes and fluid leaks. I would get started with an inspection of the brakes, on the lookout for uneven use that could point out a sticking brake caliper. The second possibility is oil leaking on the incredibly hot exhaust. Have a technician insert dye to the various fluids, drive up and down your mountain road, and then return to the repair store for an inspection. The dye will support pinpoint any leaks. 

Q. I have a 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT that I acquired new. After an oil improve at the dealership. the drain plug dislodged and the motor was destroyed at 12,500 miles. The dealership changed it. At 124,000 miles, it started out generating the same sounds and I quickly turned it off.  The oil light never arrived on, and there was oil on the bottom of both doorways. The substitute motor is now blown. I had the oil adjusted just over 4,000 miles prior, and I checked the oil myself a 7 days right before. It is not under warranty and too expensive to mend. The dealership instructed me that some autos just use more oil than others and just cannot tell me how this took place or how oil got on the doors. Aside from a lacking drain plug, what else could result in this kind of a quick loss of oil? 

A. The oil sender device could bring about a very immediate oil leak and could have been the induce of the failure, even though ordinarily the oil mild will illuminate. The other common issue is a bearing failure and a feasible cracked engine block. I would get in touch with the company offices of Hyundai and talk to about warranty protection. Numerous Hyundai versions, thanks to a course motion lawsuit, are covered by a restricted lifetime guarantee. The 1 caveat is that the auto received regular upkeep. The very last chance is using Hyundai to court docket underneath implied warranty of merchantability (attorneys weigh in). This warranty can make the assumption that a great or product performs for its meant reason. At 4 several years previous and 124,000 miles, with suitable routine maintenance, your car should have significantly more lifetime remaining in it. 

Q. My 2011 Lexus hybrid has been draining the car or truck battery around a six-to-8-hour period of time. The vendor can not locate or resolve this issue. The car operates perfectly and has 170,000 miles on it. Any ideas?  

A. For the battery to turn into entirely discharged in 8 hrs there is a major electrical draw. At this place, the dealer or other mend store requires to do a exam of parasitic draw. Applying the accurate instruments, the technician will be ready to watch the electrical technique and evaluate the electrical existing use. Common/usual parasitic drain is 50-80 milliamperes. Some feasible circuits that are not shutting down are the gas pump (4-8 amps), seat heaters (3 amps), cooling supporter (5-7 amps) and even brake lights or a faulty alternator. 

Q. For the first time in decades we now have cars and trucks with automatic transmissions. We have a very great mechanic, but he is wary of changing the automatic transmission fluid and filter. He states the system can dislodge crud and result in issues. Correct now, the fluid in equally vehicles is at a constant level and the proper coloration. Any thoughts?

A. If the fluid is total, the coloration seems great, and the fluid has no odd odor, I would not adjust it unless of course there is a maintenance requirement in the car owner’s manual. I would change from this suggestion if you are towing a trailer, utilizing your automobile for shipping and delivery or Uber/Lyft, or if it had been stuck in the snow causing you to in excess of rev the transmission. These scenarios can be tough on the transmission. 

John Paul is AAA Northeast’s Motor vehicle Doctor. He has over 40 years of working experience in the automotive small business and is an ASE-certified learn technician. E-mail your motor vehicle dilemma to [email protected] Hear to Vehicle Medical doctor on the radio at 10 a.m. every single Saturday on 104.9 FM or on line at northshore1049.com.

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