Use the Services of a Qualified Home Inspection Company When Buying a Home

When using the services of a trusted and qualified home inspector, you are taking a great step in the right direction to minimizing the risk of future unexpected repairs and related costs. An inspection is a valuable tool to help access the condition, maintenance, and operation of a properties physical exterior and interior, systems and components.

The quality of a home inspection company has a big effect on the outcome of a properties inspection and the final published report. Unfortunately, the home inspection industry isn’t regulated and any group or individual can set-up a company offering this service without obtaining qualifications, a license, or even to have gained prior experience.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps that can be taken to find a properly certified and qualified home inspector, such as –

• Firstly, ask an active realtor in your local area for the contact details of a competent home inspector. You really want your inspector to explore all aspects of a property, including those relating to the foundation, electrics, water heating, appliances, plumbing, windows and doors, roof (including skylights), chimneys/fireplaces, heating and cooling systems, etc.

• Use one of the home inspection companies that are members of a recognized industry association, such as the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Certified inspectors help to enhance the professionalism of employees in this industry. Members aren’t permitted to advertise their partnership within the association unless all the standards of the ASHI are met. Contacting the association directly will enable you to check on members in your local state.

• Talk to friends and family members. Someone you know will in all likelihood have been in contact with a home inspection company at some point. Just ask to see if they have a particular inspector that can be recommended.

A typical property inspection inspecting all facets of a property often takes in the region of 2 to 4-hours to conduct, although, this time-frame depends on the size, accessibility, and condition of the premises. Areas of concern will be inspected and noted. If defects are identify cost-estimates are supplied to help evaluate future replacement or repairs. Areas of concern often include substandard workmanship, water leaks, improper construction materials, engineering design, mold and moisture problems, and structure damage from insects or termites.

Potential home owners are also encouraged to attend the inspection so that it is possible to ask any question that might relate to the property and its future ownership. At this time, a home inspector can also provide information on what maintenance might be required to maintain the condition of the property, and keep it in good working order. Following the inspection, a full report is submitted, which includes recommendations, diagrams and illustrations, and helpful explanations.

Overall, the qualified home inspector is there to provide a completely accurate and unbiased inspection report on a property to confirm it is in a sound condition and free of major defects. This is the easiest way a potential new owner can make an informed decision on investing in a home.

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