Places to Visit in Abha, Saudi Arabia 

Top 8 Places to Visit in Abha: For a Quick Escape into Nature's Arms

Abha is a mountainous area in Saudi Arabia, popular among Saudi nationals and tourists alike for its stunning vistas and incredible flora and fauna. If you’re looking for a place for your next adventure, then Abha is a clear choice. Whether you want adventure or a relaxing retreat, Abha has something to offer to everyone that comes to its doors.  

Abha is a city and area that needs to be explored at length. There is so much to do, see and experience that most can’t possibly hope to do it all in one visit. This is part of what makes Abha so popular, as visitors return again and again to ensure entirely new experiences in the city.  

High City 

High City allows you to take in the incredible views of the mountain range and valley beyond while getting the very best in luxury experiences. You can enjoy the finest dining and shopping experiences in High City while taking in the most incredible vistas. Thanks to its high altitude, you can also experience touching the clouds that gather around this mountain top city.  

Green Mountain 

Green Mountain gets its name from the lush greenery that covers the mountain itself. Green Mountain can be an incredible place to spend quality time with loved ones or take time for yourself to enjoy being one with nature. Getting to Green Mountain requires a 20-minute cable car journey, which provides you with an opportunity to see the incredible space from above.  

Rijal Alma Village 

Rijal Alma Village is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back over 1000 years. The Village has stunning historical architecture to delight any student of history. It is located a short drive outside of Abha itself, so you could rent a car in Abha to get you there and back. Given the treacherous nature of the surrounding roads, you’ll need a quality car, like the excellent options from Yelo. 

Shamsan Ottoman Castle 

The Shamsan Ottoman Castle is an ideal option for history lovers, situated at the top of a mountain and offering excellent views of the world around it. There are many artifacts of cultural and historical importance in the Shamsan Ottoman Castle site, though some experts have decried the lack of care and preservation efforts made to keep the historic site safe.  

Al Rashid Mall 

Anyone with a love of shopping will need to visit the Al Rashid Mall, one of the largest in Abha. Located in a state-of-the-art building, there are countless brands available to shopping lovers, as well as leisure offerings like bowling, cinema and eateries. It is a shopping mall that needs at least a full day to explore properly and includes rides and entertainment to keep kids happy while you shop away.  

The Dabbab Walkway 

The Dabbab Walkway offers the best possible view of the valley and mountains of Abha. Also known as the Fog Walkway, this attraction can also offer incredible and unique views of the clouds that cover the Abha Mountain range. It is a place that photographers visit from miles around to get those perfect pictures, and tourists come to sit and watch the incredible views, in awe of the incredible power of nature.

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