What Are the Most Problematic Range Rover Engines? 

The brand has put forward very powerful engines but not without problems

Land Rover is a very popular brand among SUVs that can conquer any terrain with ease. Range Rover is one of its models which is well powered and has the excellence of its company. The advanced technology which is now a part and parcel of such vehicles is fully loaded in the range. No matter which model one chooses every aspect is dealt with excellence. However, it is notorious for having engine problems and if not addressed at the early stage owner might have to buy a replacement engine for their Range Rover.

Apart from its driving ability another attraction that catches the attention of its buyers is the ⁿcomfortable cabin. It keeps the occupiers relaxed even on the worst surfaces. Range Rover is made to let you enjoy the vacation with your family or friends. The best part is that the driver also remains relaxed and enjoys the surroundings.

The infotainment features make the functioning of the vehicle easier. The clarity and functioning are of high quality. In most of the models, the driver does not have to put extra effort into learning how to operate these. As the trims get higher so does the number of features 

The best part of the whole package is the engines. These are designed and engineered to give the appropriate power and stability to the vehicle. No matter whether the SUV is on the road or you are off-roading, there will be no problem with speed at any point. With enough torque, the engines are going to provide smooth speed gains at higher speeds. The lower rev is also not going to be less. Even in town drives, the vehicle adjusts itself regardless of its size.

But not everything is fine with the vehicle. There are reliability issues that are related to engines as well. And those engines are a big fail for such a prestigious brand. But it is up to the buyer what he chooses. Avoid such trouble-making engines and invest wisely.

The diesel engine line up

Land Rover has used a wide range of diesel engines in its SUVs. The reason is its economical side and more power generation that fits the nature of this vehicle. But these are not without faults which is a sad thing.

Range Rover TD6 is a powerful yet challenging engine

This 3.0-liter common rail turbocharged V6 engine is found in Range Rover Sport. This engine is a very powerful unit giving the vehicle proper punch to deliver a sporty character. This engine is prone to oil pump failure. This makes the engine oil-thirsty and not get enough oil for lubrication.  This happened when the vehicle was not in function for a longer time. Breaking crankshafts is another issue that this engine faces. This problem can make the owner change the entire engine. This will be a big loss and proper maintenance regularly is going to prevent these problems.

Ingenium Diesel engines

These are modernly built with 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter engines. These engines have improved fuel economy as well as more power. These engines are very common in the Range Rover models as well as in other Land Rovers. These engines have heating problems. Timing chains and PDF issues also have issues. The brand has looked into the problems and tried to improve the engines but in vain. The problems are still there giving the owners a hard time. The timing chain wears out and then it becomes dislocated. This can cause permanent damage to the engine and is very dangerous especially when the vehicle is moving. If you move a lot in the city the PDF filters are going to get blocked.

Problematic Petrol engines in Range Rovers

The V8 engines which were fitted in the Land Rover SUVs till 2004 were the worst ones in the line ups. These engines were liable to many issues that caused the engine to seize if not detected earlier. Over-heating was the major issue with these engines. The engine performed well till a certain temperature and when it started rising the coolant started leaking. It was because of tiny cooling channels. The cylinder heads got curved and that caused the leakage. After 2004 the engines got replaced as being highly unpopular among the buyers.

There were also AJ133 and AJ126 engines since 2004. These were better than the previous ones but there were new problems with these. Failing oil pump, defects in the cooling function and faulty electronics led to many problems when the vehicle was on the move. These are not such problems that can be neglected as these cause engine failures ultimately.

The Ingenium gasoline engines are improved than the previous engines but after some time these can also develop some serious issues. The cambelt cracking was one of such issues. Cooling became an issue in the supercharged engines. If you notice every engine type varied in problems. This means the company failed to build engines that are reliable till now. It is not a good gesture.

People buy the vehicle despite these issues.

Although the SUVs of Land Rover are very popular still these problems persist. But then why do people buy a vehicle which is going to develop such major issues afterward? The answer is its great ability to take the riders to difficult heights while still offering a great amount of comfort. An adventurous ride in a relaxed cabin is a rare and attractive combination. Only Land Rover is successful to instill such characteristics in its vehicles.

The best thing one can do is to make sure proper maintenance is kept. Your dealer can guide you when the SUV needs maintenance. Always take your car to a reliable professional who knows the work and is a specialist in the brand. Only that person knows the engines well and only fixes the issue not develop any other.

On the other hand, the brand has to work hard to prevent such issues from developing in the engines. Due to these issues Land Rover or Range Rover SUVs are taken to be the most unreliable vehicles in the category. The price tag seems unjustified when you have to take your vehicle to the dealer again and again for fixes. And if you could not do the maintenance on time due to any reason that means the engine is going to get permanent damage.

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