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The new 2023 M60 model brings up to 610 horsepower to BMW’s iX electric SUV. Yet, the M-badged version struggles to feel markedly different from the one-rung-down xDrive50. More important, its range incurs a sizable hit, and its base price takes a big jump.

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The iX’s new range-topping M60 model is on sale now at a base price of $106,095—some $21,900 more than the xDrive50 version.

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The M60’s visual identifiers are limited to darkened M badges, blue M-branded brake calipers, and some model-specific wheel designs.

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With a more powerful rear motor and inverter compared to the xDrive50, the iX M60 boasts a combined baseline output of 532 horsepower and 749 pound-feet of torque.

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Activate the M60’s Sport mode and horsepower jumps to 610, with a launch-control program further upping its torque to 811 pound-feet.

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We estimate that the M60’s extra grunt should shave 0.7 second from the xDrive50 model’s 4.0-second 60-mph time.

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Unfortunately, the M60’s extra power comes at the expense of range, with EPA estimates falling from the xDrive50’s high of 324 miles to a max of 288 miles in the M60.

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Like the xDrive50, the M60 can be outfitted with summer tires, which in this case increases its claimed top speed from 130 to 155 mph.

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Other mechanical changes are limited to stiffer front and rear anti-roll bars. The M60 is otherwise similar to xDrive50 model, which can be optioned with the same air springs and rear-wheel-steering system that are standard on the M60.

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One of the iX’s most impressive features is its adaptive regenerative braking mode, which employs the car’s sensors, cameras, and GPS data to choose the best means to conserve and recoup energy, depending on the situation.

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The M60 features a futuristic, model-specific sound profile that’s linked to its Sport mode or selectable via its customizable setup. Fortunately, it can be turned off if you’d rather revel in the iX’s impressively quiet cabin.

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