Used car dealers using a little-known loophole to sell deathtraps on wheels


Automobiles that have usually been included in big incidents are not staying categorised effectively and then patched up and bought on at dodgy dealers for earnings. Countless numbers of the autos ended up uncovered by the BBC just after an investigation on ‘Rip-off Britain’.

The problem is happening when alternatively than staying handed a person of the correct categorisations immediately after hurt has been described, this sort of as Cat N or Cat S, the automobiles are simply marketed on with no labelling.

This can make it unbelievably complicated to track a car’s background, in addition to producing money for insurance providers and then dealers who invest in inexpensive and sell at a better cost.

One particular unfortunate pair paid out £15,000 for a “nearly-new” motor vehicle with only 56 miles on it from a dealership, only to find that it experienced formerly been in an accident.

It took them in excess of two a long time to show this was the situation, during which they paid out finance each and every thirty day period on the car or truck though it sat unused on their driveway.

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Mr Ferguson has called for the good classification of automobiles and reported: “We have a code of carry out that all of these providers indication up.

“They (the Association of British Insurers) require to take a greater interest and who’s applying the guidelines.

“Because the application of these procedures permits people to absolve accountability, to go these automobiles back again together the chain devoid of any correct checks currently being taken.

“So I would like to see the folks who are associated with compliance the insurance policies firms included in the writing procedure rather than just remaining an engineering section or a

Statements Division who seriously in a lot of scenarios do not have the encounter or the coaching or the qualifications to do such a job.”

A spokesperson from the Affiliation of British Insurers explained“Insurers want to lessen the threat of unsafe automobiles ending up back on the street and to suggest insurers are not categorising vehicles appropriately in buy to reach a larger worth is wholly inaccurate. In the absence of regulation, the ABI worked with the business to kind the voluntary Salvage Code of Practice to assist safeguard people and boost street protection.

“Underneath this Code, a penned off vehicle is assessed by a qualified motor vehicle injury expert, who will decide if it can be fixed or if it is also hazardous and requirements to be scrapped.

 “If any one is disappointed with how the professional has assessed a auto, they should really discuss to the insurance company who can look into any issues and make confident the Code has been followed. Nevertheless, individuals should be informed that the Code only applies to damaged vehicles wherever an insurance company has been associated. As the Code is voluntary it would require to be codified into law for it to be enforced.”

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