Upgrade Your C8 Corvette Engine Bay with These Unique Accessories from C8RallyDriver


Upgrade Your C8 Corvette Engine Bay with These Unique Accessories from C8 Rally Driver

We’ve seen a lot of aftermarket solutions for the C8 Corvette over the last two years. Sometimes you can just feel whether a product has real value for enthusiasts…and we are saying right now these C8 Trunk Covers from C8RallyDriver are one of those products that C8 Corvette Coupe owners can definitely put to good use.

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One of the main reasons that Corvette owners love the C8 Corvette’s Coupe design is that they want to show off that LT2 V8 engine that designers called “the Jewel under the glass.” However, keeping that engine bay clean takes a lot of work. Those vents surrounding the hatch let a ton of water into the compartment, while the same can be said for the underbody, which sucks up dirty road mist and deposits that mess pretty much everywhere.

C8 Trunk Cover

I first saw the C8 Trunk Cover demonstrated as a product to help you keep your trunk’s carpet clean and dry when detailing the C8 Corvette’s rear engine compartment. Once installed, the C8 Trunk Cover protects the fabric-lined trunk in your Corvette from water, cleaning products, and other engine or detailing sprays. The cover takes just a few minutes to install with the included hardware, and then you just snap it into place whenever you need to protect your trunk.

With the C8 Trunk Cover in place, your trunk and contents are protected while you clean and detail your engine bay. Once finished with your cleaning, just wipe down the vinyl C8 Trunk Cover, and it can easily be stored in its zippered storage case when not in use.

C8 Trunk Cover

Or, you can leave the C8 Trunk Cover in place, which makes a great conversation starter when showing off your C8 Corvette at a show. These covers are show-quality products that will set your Corvette apart from the rest of the pack, and the covers also allow you to hide any cleaning or personal items in the trunk and out of sight even with the engine hatch open.

The C8 trunk covers can be ordered in different colors and customized in several different ways. The Officially Licensed C8 Trunk Covers allow you to select between several different C8 logo designs including the Stingray logo and Jake from Corvette Racing. You can also choose to use your own custom artwork, which is great for those who are wanting to create their own unique look or online brand.

The C8 Trunk Covers from C8RallyDriver start at $179.99 while the custom and logo versions are priced at $269.99.

Corvette C8 Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports

C8RallyDriver has been working on these Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports for the 2020+ Corvette Stingray and Z06 coupes, and they are now available for pre-order with the first batch shipping in early August. The professionally-designed struts are manufactured from machined 6061 aluminum, and they provide a much nicer look than the stock stamped steel hatch supports. Look close, and you see the boomerang style as a recurring theme in the design.

Corvette C8 Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports

The Rear Hatch Supports install easily as they are a direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM stamped steel supports. No modifications are necessary, and it takes about 10 minutes to swap out each support and install the new Boomerang-style rear hatch supports using the factory mounting bolts.

Corvette C8 Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports

The Boomerang-Style Rear Hatch Supports are made in the USA, and they are priced at $460.00 per set. Customize your look as these are offered in three different finishes, with enthusiasts being able to choose between anodized black, anodized red, or clear-anodized aluminum.

Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers

C8RallyDriver offers these beautiful visible carbon fiber strut tower covers designed to eliminate the water and dirt buildup that can accumulate in the rear strut tower assemblies. Made in the USA, these covers are created from pre-impregnated carbon fiber and were designed to follow the low-profile original design. Even better, the covers are “stealth-mounted,” leaving no visible screws or nuts showing.

Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers

These C8 Corvette visible carbon fiber strut covers use the 2×2 twill/weave pattern that matches the OEM carbon fiber pieces offered by General Motors. Once installed, there is zero maintenance involved in keeping these clean. Just wipe with a detailer cleaning spray, and you’re good to go!

Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Covers

C8RallyDriver designed these strut covers for C8 Corvettes with and without Magnetic Ride Control, however, the Mag-Ride version requires a depinning tool or installation by a qualified service technician. Priced at $429.99 per pair, these are now in stock and ready to ship today.

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