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Going on a trip, whether for business or pleasure, can be an exciting experience. Flying is one of the quickest ways to get to your destination. But with the convenience of flying comes the hassle of finding somewhere to park your vehicle. It is not always possible to ask a friend for a lift to the airport, or to use a car service such as an Uber or Lyft. Knowing the options available to you, you are able to make the best decision, while knowing the risks of airport parking.

Here are a few do’s and don’ts of parking your vehicle at the airport:

Do This:
1) Do look into the option of online reservations for airport parking lots. While parking at airport owned parking lots might be the most expensive option, it can be one of the safest. You can read US-Reviews of the airport you are visiting to know whether they offer online reservations or not.

2) Do use a valet service to reduce the stress and chaos before you board your flight. Many airports offer a Meet and Greet service where a driver will meet you at the terminal and take your car to a designated parking area for you.

3) Do consider offsite parking lots. These are generally a cheaper option than airport owned lots, with better security.

4) Do keep your parking ticket safe. There is nothing worse than returning from a trip to find your ticket is missing. Replacing a parking ticket is a hassle.

5) Do your research. Read all the policies on the airports internet site so you know what to expect and what you need to do. Planning is key to avoid the hassle of finding parking at the airport.

6) Do take a picture of your car, or make a note of where you parked so that it is easier to locate your vehicle when you return.

Don’t Do This:
1) Don’t leave any valuables in your car. Rather leave them at home, or take them with you to avoid petty theft from your vehicle.

2) Don’t disregard deals such as discount coupons or incentives for airport parking. These are often available on the airports website.

3) Don’t just park anywhere. Take your time to find a good parking spot that will ensure you are not parked in, and your vehicle is not damaged. Know the parking available at the airport you will be visiting.

4) Don’t forget to lock your car. Theft from cars parked at airports is on the rise, as they are seen as easy targets standing alone for any amount of time.

5) Don’t disregard your own safety. Know your surroundings when parking your car at the airport. Avoid parking in dark or dimly-lit areas. Do not engage in conversation with strangers as this too could be a ploy to get you alone or follow you to your vehicle. Know all the exits closest to you. Carrying a weapon such as mace or pepper spray can help you protect yourself from any danger.

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