Tesla chief designer launches a company to sell interiors for Tesla cars

Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen and his wife Vicki will be launching a new company named after them. It will be interiors for Tesla cars in partnership with Performance, a long-time Tesla tuner, and aftermarket part company. The interiors will be made of new vegan leather.

Tesla Model S, 3, X & Y Can Now Get Exclusive Luxury Interiors by von

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Recently the company teased certain interiors for Tesla cars, showing what kind of products it could offer.

A well-known Tesla tuner, Unplugged Performance will be in partnership with the new Von Holzhausen company. They will be providing aftermarket luxury interiors to Tesla vehicles. Stated, “Transitioning the world to sustainability is an important tenant of EV ownership and core to our philosophy. High-tech sustainable materials have been developed by the von Holzhausen team to usher in a new era of luxury without compromise. Von Holzhausen’s proprietary material science has led to the creation of Banbū Leather, a vegan leather that is buttery-soft like lambskin, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistant, lightweight, and made from the most renewable raw material on earth (yes, you guessed it – bamboo).”

Further added, “Unplugged Performance is proud to partner with von Holzhausen to exclusively offer the ultimate guilt-free luxury interiors. A whole new Tesla experience awaits you for Tesla Model S, Model S, Model Y, or Model 3. Cybertruck and Roadster interiors will also be available through this exclusive collaboration program.”


Having these interiors means many features. Handmade interiors created utilizing von Holzhausen proprietary Banbū Leather with 83% plant-based content and 33% lower carbon footprint than cow hides. Lightweight for automotive efficiency and a third of the weight of cow leather. Features include an engraved VH x UP metal brand plaque and unique patterns, textures, and materials as specified and designed in collaboration with customers. Interior can be applied to Unplugged Performance complete vehicles such as the S-APEX and Ascension-R vehicles or the Tesla of the customer’s choosing. Initial color options are von Holzhausen Black, Stone, Caramel, and Cherry colored Banbū Leather in any combination. European deliveries are slated for 2023. Customers outside of North America please contact the company for details.

It starts at $29,995 with the first deliveries later this year. UP is taking reservations right now. This alternative leather is called Banbū, a material von Holzhausen describes on her website as “a high-performing premium leather alternative made from bamboo.”

This isn’t the first time von Holzhausen has teased Banbū leather in a vehicle’s interior. Back in March the company tweeted a close-up photo of a car seat wrapped in the alternative leather with the caption “Sneak peek.”

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