Importance of Marine Surveys

Marine survey is a process during which surveyors inspect vessels of different types. Vessels inspected during these surveys include passenger vessels, pleasure craft, oil rigs, dredges, barges, tugboats, warships, cargo vessels and ferries. In addition, you will also come across marine surveys examining marine engines, marine cargo and facilities like loading docks, dry docks, canals and so on; these inspections are carried out for checking regulation compliance, pre-purchase estimation, and assessment of insurance claim and insurance eligibility.

So, what happens during a marine survey? The process usually involves thorough inspection of the vessel and for that one would need to appoint an intelligent, qualifies, honest and qualified surveyor. The expert carries out the inspection with the aim of finding out whether the boat or yacht in question is suitable for hitting the sea. In other words, the surveyor tests the marine vehicle’s seaworthiness.

The test is conducted mainly to determine whether the vehicle is safe for being used in conditions it is meant to operate in. In addition, the expert also checks vessels for defects and take decisions on the kind of repair works they need to undergo.

The majority of the individuals looking to purchase marine vehicles do not possess enough knowledge to identify the rights and wrongs when picking a boat or yacht. As a result, seeking help from an experienced professional is an absolute must for them. Seeking professional help is essential even for people with experience of handling marine vessels; by hiring third-party services they can get the best and the most unbiased opinion.

Why it is important to get a marine survey done? The bluntest answer to this question would be for staying financially and physically alive.

Most vessel owners say that for them purchasing marine surveys is like purchasing peace of mind; and they say so because they are immensely benefited by such services. It’s a more or less known fact that open water often turns treacherous; while at times this happens due to bad weather conditions, on other occasions, faults in the vessel are found to be responsible for the mishaps. By ensuring that the vehicle doesn’t have any defect, you can reduce its chances of encountering crisis when in water significantly.

It’s impossible for an inexperienced owner to carry out an inspection all by himself or herself. Thus, the best way of managing the situation is by getting the survey done by a professional. When you get the inspection done by the expert, you will not only know about the status of your marine vehicle, but will also gather knowledge about the right way of maintaining it.

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