Importance of Junk Cars Utilization

The problem of recycling old junk cars is quite acute worldwide. What is recycling? The owner returns his vehicle to a collection point, where technical fluids are removed from the car, specialists dismantle the mechanical part, sort the details by type of material and send them for further processing or disposal. 

Some Statistics

In different countries of the world, the life of cars is different. So, for example, in Western European countries, such as the UK and France, this figure is about 7 to 8 years. In the Baltic countries, about 12. In Luxembourg, the average age of cars is the smallest of all European countries: a little less than four years, but the world record belongs to Saudi Arabia, where the youngest cars are. Their average age is over three years. This figure is approximately 10-11 years in the US and Cuba, as much as 38. In many ways, these indicators are related to the country’s economic development level and the population’s financial capabilities.


Special programs in different countries encourage the population to get rid of vehicles that have served their purpose in time. It is a sharp increase in the tax cost for cars older than a certain age and the possibility of buying a new car at a discount for a car enthusiast who has handed over his vehicle for recycling. In some countries, the recycling fee applies even when buying a car, so they accept the vehicle for recycling free of charge. People can get this information in all car dealerships, and on many advertising signs, the recycling tax is indicated as a separate expense item. In Belgium and some other countries, the fee for future disposal is a part of the road tax. In the USA, people get cash for junk cars, and it’s a great motivation to eliminate the clunker.

Should You Sell Your Old Car?

The answer to this question depends on the condition of your car and where you live. For example, in America, you can profitably sell your junk car and get some money to buy a new one. It is worth scrapping your vehicle if:

  • It breaks down every 10 thousand km and requires high repair costs.
  • It does not meet accepted environmental standards.

In this case, everyone will benefit from recycling. You will receive money and be able to look after yourself with a newer vehicle, and the environment will no longer suffer from your outdated monster.

Some owners become attached to their cars as living beings. However, they endanger themselves and others by continuing to use the machine in an emergency condition. Therefore, you should never forget responsibility and dispose of the old car in time.


Timely disposal of old vehicles is essential for all countries, which both world powers and less developed countries are trying to solve. But not only governments and automakers depend on a favorable environmental situation. People should be more conscious of this and eliminate their auto junk in time.

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