How to Keep Your MIDI Keyboard Clean

The world is a dirty place and it covers everything and anything – even water. Often it doesn’t really hurt to have a little dirt over something like your shoes or your car unless you’re a clean freak. It hurts however, if you’re talking about your gadgets and electronics and this is true of your MIDI keyboard.

Your keyboard (keys, knobs, sliders etc.) gets dirty simply from the dust and residue that’s floating in the air even if you’re stay at home musician but it gets worse when you’re always travelling when doing gigs or finding places to get inspired to write. Other than normal dirt accidents can and do happen so you may wind up having grease or oils added into the mix (or worse).

That’s why giving your MIDI keyboard, or any keyboard you may have for that matter, a cleaning once in a while (regular is good) can go a long way in ensuring the longevity of your equipment to produce the sounds you want them to produce for you.

Basic cleaning is simply to dust your keyboard especially the keys often. You can buy those brushes with the soft bristles so as not to hurt the finish of instrument and it keys. Canned or compressed air is also good for blowing away the dust from those hard to reach areas between the keys. Be careful not to put the nozzle close as it can cause freezing which may hurt the electronics. Vacuuming can also help in getting rid of the dust and dirt.

You can also use clean chamois leather and a mixture of warm water and vinegar to clean the keys. Just dampen the chamois and softly move it across the keys. Use a soft clean cloth to dry and buff the keys of your MIDI keyboard. Please do not use any kind of liquid to clean the surface or any kind of polish like Pledge. There are cleaners that you can buy specifically for electronics and the like but use them with caution since they can affect the plastic keys.

As mentioned above use a soft and lint free cloth to wipe the keyboard and the keys. For the knobs and sliders use cotton swabs so you can reach the smallest nook and crannies. Just remember not to use too much liquid to clean. Wipe everything dry with a cloth. You can even air it out using a fan just to be sure. You want everything to be dry before even thinking of turning it on and using it. If you want to prevent a lot of dirt and dust from entering your equipment keep it covered. This can help minimize dirt and dust and keep your keys from fading.

A little love and tenderness can help keep your MIDI keyboard running for a long time. If you keep up with the cleaning regimen you can help prevent a lot of potential hazards that can affect its performance so it doesn’t affect your performance when you need it.

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