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It is essential to choose the right type from the headlight bulbs manufacturer when replacing your headlight bulbs. Philips is one the most recognizable brand and produces bulbs that meet or exceed the quality requirements of the original equipment. Their products are manufactured in the factories of vehicle manufacturers. You can be sure that the bulb you receive will be identical to the one you installed in your vehicle. You can get the same bulb even if you switch brands and boxes years later. Other brands can change their suppliers and sell the same box with a different bulb.

Various levels of energy and electricity

Different headlight bulbs styles are designed to provide various levels of light. For example, halogen bulbs use halogen gas to produce light, while xenon bulbs use electrodes to charge. Different types of headlight bulbs create different levels of energy and electricity. Generally, the brighter one is, the better. Some headlight bulbs are plug-and-play, meaning that you can install them in your vehicle, while others require another wiring.


Several factors affect the life of headlight bulbs. The voltage in your vehicle will impact the performance of the bulb. Higher voltages can shorten the lifespan of halogens. If you are frequently driving on rough roads, you should check the filaments of your headlight bulbs. If you have a high-voltage vehicle, you may want to purchase halogen bulbs. These can be more durable and will give you a longer lifespan.

Last between one to four years

Headlights bulbs are made to last for four to eight years. The light output of these headlights is different from the standard bulb, and they are designed to last longer. The long-life version usually lasts between four and eight years, depending on how you drive your vehicle. If you’re not concerned about light output, this type of bulb might be a good alternative for you.

Look for the brand with the best warranty and price

LED bulbs are great for both interior and exterior use. They also have a long lifespan and are 80% less energy-intensive than other bulbs. You can find various colors and types of cars. However, not all bulbs are equal. Look for the brand with the best warranty and the best price. You will be able to find the right bulb for your car from a wide selection of options. A high-quality headlight bulb can also reduce your car’s insurance premium.

LED headlight bulbs

LED headlight bulbs are another option to consider. They are available in different types and offer different levels of light output. These are the most efficient for night driving. They do not cause heat, but they provide enough light to illuminate the road. Besides, LED headlight bulbs are also more cost-effective. A single LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours. There are many other benefits of using HID headlights.


The options are depending on the type of headlight bulb you are looking for. Some of these bulbs have low power levels and come with a one-year warranty. Those that use LEDs are the most expensive. Most manufacturers offer a two-year warranty on their products. If you need a replacement headlight bulb, you can contact the company or buy an aftermarket headlight online.

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