Car Auction Online – Acunet – The Online Website For Putting Cars on Auction

The Acunet represents an online website catering with the auction of different cars. The site is open to both car dealers and potential buyers but it is more oriented towards the car dealers. People who are members of the website can also have access to the database of cars. Because the car auctions are closed to other people than the ones mentioned above, people wanting to sell cars owners for a certain amount of money cannot enter their cars into the database of the Acunet because the website is not open to individual commercial exchanges and transactions. The membership can only be acquired by car dealers through an online application or simply by visiting the office of the Acunet, where the website is run from. Before receiving membership, you might need to be screened in order to meet your identity and only then will you be accepted in the database of the Acunet and become a full member of it.
The auctions that the Acunet organizes are somehow different than the traditional auctions in that

car dealers might be contacted by professional teams that will come to check the cars that will be displayed for sale and make sure they verify a series of standard requirements. Once the check up is done, then you will be allowed to enter your cars into the auction. The tests performed will also look for examples of body imperfections onto the car, test the engine to see if it is performing well and also look for other parts of the vehicles. The inspection is pretty comprehensive, as a result.

Another thing to mention about the acunet website is that it is different from the other car auction you have probably frequented. The seller is required to have the cars on the spot during a traditional car auction but with online auctions, there is no need for the seller to come with the cars. The buyers will have to make bids on the spot, from his office or from home and thus, the buyer will not lose that much time on the spot verifying the cars and looking at them. The auction will proceed from the bids that were put on by potential byers. The process can even go on for a number of four days which could begin on a Friday and end on a Monday. During other week days , the Acunet will be responsible for conduction other auctions, regarding bikes or other vehicles.

Provided that you are considering to sell the car on the acunet and you are not that successful during the first try, then the car will have to go under another series of inspection. This is to ensure the buyer gets the exact car that he or she is expecting and that he or she will pay good money for something that will last a number of years and prove to be cost worthy. Therefore, acunet is really into making the customers happy and not tricking people into bidding online their money for something that is not of a good quality. Therefore, the acunet can actually help you put your hands on good deals so that you won’t have to check the car yourself for potential faults of errors. The Acunet is a guarantee that the car you will purchase has been inspected for good quality and provided that you see a shortfall, you can always contact the Acunet people to help you out.

People living overseas also have the possibility to become part into Acunet auctions. This is possible because there are Acunet auctions inside New Zealand and also a lot of cars coming from Japan that are exported from Japan into New Zealand.

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