Used Nissan Qashqai Report, Look Away Because Its Really Bad!


By Chris Ward, April 1, 2022

Do you genuinely want to obtain a applied Nissan Qashqai? Employed autos are likely up in value, so we are instructed by the information media. Can you rely on the set up motoring media? Sorry to expose this, the vehicle sector both equally new and employed is in cahoots with the motoring information media. That is to say, each the motoring media and automotive marketplace have “a you scratch my back again and I will give you an unrelenting marketing spend” connection. It is fair to say that the motoring media, in the British isles, can only exist if it collaborates with the general car industry… like a Ukrainian dissident collaborating with the Russians. So who can you trust to give you an impartial feeling?

AHEM!… The Day-to-day Car Web site gets no promotion devote from auto companies at all. So we can grow to be the portal, the gateway to unbiased opinions. Go any where else and you will get slapped in the encounter in a equivalent manner Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the oscars. That is to say, the utilized Nissan Qashqai acquiring general public is Chris Rock, the motoring media and automotive sector is Will Smith.

Will Smith, the Nissan Qashqai of celebrities


The opening rant does not reply the headlines.  Just how great is a utilized Nissan Qashqai?  Let’s begin with reliability. Right after all, you have just used thousands on a utilised Qashqai. You compensated £12 for the automobile check report. Every thing seems to be fantastic, the car or truck drives away. You make it dwelling. The future working day you uncover the engine requirements servicing. You ought to have appeared for reliability. So let us do it for you. Some quick info about utilized Qashqai reliability.

Best 10 Used Nissan Qashqai Reliability Fears:

1 – The battery is notorious for working down way too speedily.

2 – The common Qashqai proprietor replaces their battery additional typically than important.

3 – The air conditioner is inclined to failure.

4 – Water is acknowledged to leak into the cabin thanks to faulty windscreen seals.

5 – H2o is regarded to leak into parking sensors.

6 – Excessive motor stalling thanks to that faulty air conditioner compressor.

7 – Knocking from the rear of the automobile, due to worn shock absorbers.

8 – Turbo failure owing to Renault. Renault is nonetheless an expert in earning faulty turbos!

9 – Driver’s door will not open up via keyfob command owing to a dodgy electrical doorway motor.

10 – Motor surging (more than-revving) triggered dodgy Renault engineering.

These are just the top rated 10 complications to look at when buying a utilized Nissan Qashqai. You will also have to contend with the possibility of additional difficulties:

Nonetheless Much more Complications To Take into account Just before Getting A Applied Nissan Qashqai:

1 – Reduction of command, impacting 2007 12 months models. The bring about? entrance suspension fault.

2 – Gas leak, affecting 2008 calendar year styles brought about by a dodgy seal connector.

3 – Overheating motor induced by dodgy Renault engineering

4 – Motor vehicle shaking issues when driving uphill or downhill, brought on by a dodgy gearbox and driveshaft.


Nissan is owned by Renault and hence, by proxy, all Nissans are by definition… Renaults. Renault is a slice and paste maker. It’s the Renault way. Take it from me, a former Renault operator. I have observed the blown turbos, I have noticed the price-reducing that goes down to the smallest rusty nut and screw seeking to maintain up the rusting parts.

Why does Nissan gain vehicle awards? Mainly because Nissan is in mattress with the motoring media. When you go in these circles, it’s inconvenient to convey up the horrific reliability challenges afflicting employed Qashqais for panic of getting rid of promoting spend.

So, in conclusion, primarily based on the above evidence, don’t waste your cash on a utilised Nissan Qashqai. Buy a utilised Toyota and help save your revenue on providing electrical power to warmth your house.

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