This Mid-Engine Mitsubishi Eclipse Will Be an Amateur-Built Supercar


To set the motor in the again of the Eclipse, the car’s total entrance subframe was effectively recreated in the back again of the motor vehicle. The moment that was done—and a dummy steering rack was welded in spot to make the rear wheels continue to be straight—the rest of the suspension just bolted up like typical. Certainly, if you’ve at any time puzzled what a non-steering steering rack seems to be like, meticulously study that metal bar pictured above. The motor then obtained a couple of mild mods this kind of as a new intake, headers, a tune, and it can be now generating over 279 horsepower to the wheels. 

Now, obtaining this far would be more than enough for most men and women, nevertheless, James suggests he’s significantly from performed with this task. Speaking of turbocharging, the had claimed that “just before [the swap] it was a maybe.” Now, though, it can be seeming like a certainty. Twin K04 turbochargers or a larger solitary PT6266 are both on the desk, as are a slew of other mods, several of them aerodynamic. “A flat floor, wing, and splitter,” all of them are currently being regarded for the project, and James is even utilizing aerodynamic simulation software to arrive up with an best resolution to make it all enjoy nicely collectively. 

As if this was not sufficient, the Canadian has also been creating strides at deciding upon the suitable suspension set up for the automobile. He’s compared numerous unique coilovers from a variety of manufacturers—and even some inventory sports cars—in purchase to get the trip just so. When everything is figured out, he says, the car should really be one thing really distinctive. And if you are curious about leaving the entrance engine in for a two-motor, all-wheel-push Eclipse, know that having the physics right was paramount to James. Twin motor vehicles are neat, of course, but that would be more of a frankencar vs. the good keep track of device this amateur engineer is fascinated in. 

Unnecessary to say, we’re fired up to see the remaining merchandise, although James has already been out screening the vehicle at an occasion hosted by Falcon Autosport near Kitchener, Ontario. Racing on ice is just not his key intention—although he was wise adequate to manage the heater. Both way, this factor already seems to be like an absolute riot. In just a number of brief months, he tells us, more than enough development will be designed to check the automobile out on a proper observe. If only Mitsubishi now had as substantially ambition as our new good friend in the frozen north.

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