Parking Locks and All About It

Parking is a very important part of your life if you have been driving cars. In order to park your car, you need to find the ideal spot and after a lot of jostling your steering wheel, you will be able to steer your car into the correct parking spot. If you have a designated parking spot, your work does reduce and you just need to park your car. However, you will definitely get angry if someone else parks in your parking spot. A parking lock is an instrument that will help you in such a situation. These are also called parking blockers and they are a long-lasting solution to the problem of your parking spot getting stolen.

How Parking blockers work?

Parking blockers are of various types and they basically prevent any form of unauthorized parking. Parking blockers can be controlled using an application on your phone, by manual interference or by using a remote control. The device needs to be placed directly on the parking spot. When the barrier of the device is up, it prevents other cars from entering and parking in your designated spot. Even you will be able to park in your designated spot, only if the barrier of the device is down. Such devices can be used for both private and commercial use.

Benefits of parking blockers

These parking blockers are slowly gaining market due to a number of factors. These lockers are very easy to install and handle. Most of these blockers are provided with ore drilled holes that help you install the device even in concrete. The blockers are waterproof and hence, they can be used all year long without you stressing over its condition.

The inbuilt alarm system in these devices is very prompt and alerts you as soon as anyone tries to park in your designated spot. The alarm can be easily turned off using the application on your phone. Hence, the alarm is really easy to use as well and does not place you in an awkward position. These alarms are pretty affordable as well and the parking lock supplier provides a good guarantee period. The only problem is that the alarm tends to go off without any contact as well.

Manual parking locks

The manual parking locks are very flexible and do not fail to surprise the consumers. They are also very easy to install and require no help. They are visible to others as well and when they are spotted, people tend to avoid the parking spot and hence, the alarm does not go off. These parking locks are affordable and portable. The parking lock supplier accepts returns as well if you are unsatisfied with the product. The biggest problem is that it cannot be removed from its spot once it has been installed.

Remote-controlled locks

The remote-controlled locks are also great products with batteries that last long and can be easily replaced. They have a long guarantee period as well and are very easy to install and use.


We hope that this article was able to educate you on the topic of parking locks and their importance in your life if you own a car.

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