Eyebrows Restoration Treatment, Cost & Procedure

The eyebrows restoration procedure is recently gaining track, and most people now understand it-especially those who have long-suffered facial hair loss problems. We still can’t assume that everyone is familiar with this procedure, so we’ll explain the whole process of how the treatment works. 

Eyebrow hair transplant is a process where a doctor moves some hair follicles from a healthier region of hair follicles to the eyebrows. It’s an ideal technique for men and women willing to reconstruct their eyebrows. 

Generally, it works for people with little to no hair in the brow area or those who want to enhance brow definition. 

What Causes Eyebrow Hair Loss?

Just like the scalp hair, one can also experience eyebrows thinning, or they can stop growing. We have several reasons why this can happen, such as: 

Diseases-Some illnesses can affect the brows, leaving that area bald or with patchy hair. And such a patient can benefit from eyebrow restoration.

Alopecia areata-this autoimmune disease targets the individual hair follicles and slows down or halts hair production. This illness may cause random spots, hair loss, scarring, total hair loss, or balding, including eyebrow loss. 

Thyroid disease-several people experience eyebrow hair loss due to this disease. The glands produce hormones that help balance metabolism. But when the hormone production is too much or too little, the boy loses balance, disrupting normal expected processes such as hair growth. 

Nutritional deficiency-Essential nutrients, including energy sources, vitamins, and minerals, influence hair growth. So, the efficiency of these is likely to cause hair loss.  

Emotional Stress-If you have excessive stress, this can be harmful and might cause physiological changes. For instance, you may have reduced oxygen to hair follicles contributing to hair loss.

Over-plucking-Over-plucking eyebrows may cause minor trauma, eventually hindering hair growth in that area. 

Eyebrow Hair Loss Treatments

If you face facial baldness in crucial areas such as brows caused by hair loss, it’s best to consult a doctor. First, he will determine the cause of this hair loss and help you choose the most appropriate eyebrow restoration treatment.

Some of the treatments you might receive recommendations for include:

Minoxidil-it’s a topical over-the-counter medication that’s FDA approved for hair loss. If you take it consistently, it helps restore hair growth over several months. 

Corticosteroids Treatment-it’s an ideal treatment for alopecia areata, which come in various forms. There is a pill, injectable or tropical form. 

Acupuncture is another procedure that can help reduce attacks on the hair follicles by relieving the effects of alopecia areata. 

Hair transplant-it’s a more permanent solution for hair loss, which most people turn to after trying other procedures. 

Eyebrow Restoration Procedure

If you imagine an eyebrow restoration as grotesque, it’s nothing like that. So, how is it? It’s a process that might use follicular unit extraction (FUE)or follicular unit transplant (FUT) technique, where the practitioner extracts some hair from the back of the scalp (donor site). After extraction, he prepares it under a microscope, removing each follicular unit. 

The cosmetic surgeon then carefully inserts these units into the eyebrow region prepared as the recipient area. It’s a process that might require a 23gauge hypodermic needle that a practitioner uses under a high magnification microscope.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant Cost

The average cost of an eyebrow hair transplant is $2500 to $7000. One of the factors that might determine the cost of the eyebrow hair transplant is the number of grafts that a client requires. And there are several other elements, such as location and surgeon’s experience. 

But to get an accurate cost for your treatment, it’s ideal to consult an expert who will evaluate and discuss your specific hair loss problem. You’ll also get to know if you qualify for this treatment or not. 

In Conclusion

Hair transplant is a delicate technique for eyebrow restoration requiring proper hair placement into tiny incisions. It’s a safe procedure that doesn’t require scalpels or stitches. And the practitioner must ensure a perfect angle and right direction, positioned to mimic the natural eyebrow appearance and growth. So you can expect minimal to zero adverse reactions after the process with the natural growth of eyebrows.

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