Especial Airport Travel Tips in Omicron Covid Situation from Limo Company

Omicron Mengintai, Simak Tips Bepergian Aman agar Tidak Tertular : Okezone  Travel

First of all stay safe and  also took care of your family under any circumstance. We all know that Omicron Covid new layer is here, which is more dangerous then the  previous layer, although travel itself become hassle when you didn’t planned it well but let me tell you that Omicron is far more dangerous then unplanned travel. 

To avoid all these bad events and diseases, here we will share some useful trips to travel to airport from one of the top limousine service provide from Toronto, hopefully it will help you and save you, because health and safety comes first ☺.

Get Vaccinated

If  you are not vaccinated yet, which is really shocking news, then you must get vaccine first. It’s okay if you travel within 15 days then atleast you should get first dose of medicine and have your vaccine card with your self or have SMS on your mobile so that you can show it to anyone at the airport. And if you get first vaccine then we will recommend you to have 2nd dose of medicines and then plan your travel, because once you reach to airport then will first check whether you are vaccinated or not and if not then they will not allow you to travel. Also, if 6 months passed then get Booster and then planned to travel so that you will be save.

Check your Mates and Family Members

Yes if you travel in a group then you should check your members whether all got vaccine or not, if not then follow the same process which we mentioned above so that no one feels any embarrassment at the airport.  Because Airport security crew will not allow any one to travel if you don’t get vaccinated.

Omicron impact immediate and substantial for Europe's airports |  TravelDailyNews International

Be on time and informed Chauffeurs

The best way to reach airport is to hire any rental company, and among all kind of  rental companies, limousine rental providers are the best. They took your airport flight numbers, already take care of the flight delayed and cancel situation. They know your pickup destination and reached their on time and also took you to the airport before 2 hours of your flight, and let me tell you that is the best time to reach airport. Although they knew everything about your flight timing but you should informed to them and shared you active and correct information with them. Like your correct phone number, your correct destination, if you shared wrong information then your flight will get delayed.

Check Limo Company repute

One of the most important thing is that you should go with reputable company, don’t handover your things with any normal company, if you go then they will create more troubles for you. But Question is how you can check the repute of any company? Well the answer is it’s very easy, Now Google is your best friend, you can check the reviews and rating of that particular business from Google maps and also check rating on their social pages.

All above tips will help out you to reach safely airport  under this Omicron situation.

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