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If you have always wanted to explore all that Dubai has to offer, book a car hire Dubai today! It’s cheaper than flying to Dubai and the best part is there are no flight tickets required! If you’re a visitor from the UK or USA, you can take advantage of all the benefits that Dubai has to offer you. Book a cheap car hire in Dubai right now and enjoy a unique traveling experience around this incredible city. Visit places in Dubai that you have never been to and feel like you have truly ‘been there’. Discover Dubai with a private rental car driving adventure.

Dubai has everything a family would love to see and to do. When you visit Dubai, there are endless things to do and to experience including world class shopping, world class accommodation, and a wide variety of entertainment and sightseeing opportunities. Book a cheap Car Hire Dubai to explore all that Dubai has to offer, including the traditional markets on al-ayed. This market is one of the oldest and busiest in the city, known for its fresh produce and handicrafts. The market also features local foods and specialty restaurants that serve international fare at affordable rates.

Start Planning From Today:

If you are coming from the United Kingdom or the United States, most airports offer car hire services. Contact your respective travel agent and ask for information on Dubai car hire. They will usually be able to offer you a discounted rate after making your reservation. But it is recommended that not to get their services are not affordable in reality. Book a car hire dubai online today and start planning your vacation today!

Al-ayed: Located on the southern tip of Dubai on the northern peninsula of Jumeirah Island, the Burj Al-Arab is an extraordinary tower that rises majestically from the sand dunes. Designed by the world famous starchitect Ehsan bin-Hadhya, the Burj Al-Arab was made to take into account the changing weather conditions prevalent in the region. When you book your rental car in Dubai, you can use the concierge services to request a car with tinted windows that have been specially designed for the hot desert climate. The interior of the car is also specially air conditioned for your comfort and convenience during the hot desert evenings. When you arrive at the Burj Al-Arab, you can step out into the sand on golden sand that is as white as the sky and as deep as the sea.

Is Dubai the busiest Airport?

Dubai International Airport is the largest and the busiest airport in the world, serving passengers from over 90 countries. There are three main terminals with several hundred flights arriving and departing on a daily basis. You can opt for the Dubai International Airport limousine service to travel to and from the airport. These luxurious vehicles are well equipped with all the facilities such as satellite TV, audio-video equipment, fully air conditioned cars with tinted windows and a host of relaxing amenities including massage seats. For an extra fee, the Dubai tourism authority allows you to use the airport’s gym, fitness center and the hawker centre.

Where to get Car Hire Dubai:

Car hire Dubai is available both within the terminal and outside the terminal. To book your car. Call the number to get a car hire dubai. A trained representative will assist you in selecting the car of your choice and help you reach your destination. If you live in Dubai or if you are travelling to Dubai in order to book your car, the Dubai Autodrome is the most popular place where you can find great cars. Located on Al-Wasi Road, just a few kilometres from the airport, this retails a wide range of cars including sedans, SUV’s, sports cars and even boats.

The other options that you have for Hertz rental cars in Dubai include picking up your rented vehicle outside the Dubai international airport terminal. There are two pick up points, the Mall of the Emirates and the Al-Wasi Traffic Square. With the help of a taxi or a bus, you should reach your hotel in no time at all. These taxis are generally not cheap but you should be able to hire one for the same price as a single taxi ride from the airport.

The other option is to look for Dubai car rental deals at the Dubai Martins or at the Dubai International Airport itself. You can find a lot of information about car hire at these locations as they offer a wide range of vehicles and their rates. The major problem with these taxis is that their rates are usually very high compared to other outlets. So, it is advisable to make prior reservations at these outlets.

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