Windscreen repairs are an essential part of automobile protection that many drivers will come across at some point. A chip or crack on your automobile’s windscreen can show up in the blink of an eye fixed, whether it is from a unfastened stone on the road or adverse weather conditions. […]

Many model year 2007 vehicles have already hit new car showrooms starting with several new SUVs built by General Motors. The upcoming model year is shaping up as one likely to be filled with many changes as automakers reshape their line ups and prepare for the coming invasion of cheap […]

Many people are looking for auction sites other than eBay to sell or buy items. eBay has been imposing all sorts of new fee’s and raising them over time, combine this with the user base is getting worse also. So here are some alternatives that you can try out, there […]

Customizing cars has always been a great hobby for people. In more recent years, the use of vinyl decals has become a popular way to customize vehicles without the commitment of a paint job. Among those decals, carbon fiber has become popular as a way to not only protect your […]

Getting a refinance car loan has now become very easy to come by and very convenient. With most of the lenders who offer online loan facilities approving (or declining) your application in less than a day – in many instances you can get a response in under an hour – […]

Buying a used Corvette can be a complicated venture, as there are many criteria to be met, and the price can be prohibitive. After seeing the price of some of the models in good working order, the temptation to purchase a non-running Corvette or one that obviously needs extensive work […]

The main event of the sports car world for 2010 has arrived with the launch of the Ferrari 458 Italia. The claimed performance figures of this new arrival are insane with a 0-60mph time of 3.4 seconds, not only fast in its own right but substantially faster than even the […]

Government Car Auctions are a great place to buy a used vehicle because the government does not want to hold on to these cars and trucks. The longer they hold on to them the more it cost them money so they hold auctions to sell off inventory. This gives us […]

In the bustling streets of Bangkok, where the pulse of life beats incessantly, owning a vehicle is not just a convenience but a necessity. However, as any savvy driver knows, navigating the urban jungle comes with its fair share of risks. From gridlocked traffic to unexpected collisions, the need for […]